10 of the Most Unique Hotels in the World

There are thousands of hotels around the world for travelers to stay and many of them offer more than just a place to sleep. Besides luxury, some hotels are so popular that they have became a destination in and of themselves for many travelers.

This popularity is attributed to their unique features, history, location or design. Many of the most unique hotels have a combination of a few or all of these factors. Furthermore, travelers who visit these destinations will remember the unique experience that they offer.

All throughout the world, travelers can find these and more unique hotels located in all of the five continents. Some of these hotels are located in exotic destinations such as an island in the middle of the ocean or as tree houses inside a forest. Others are in the middle of a salt dessert, a city or even a cave.

1. Montaña Magica Lodge, Valdivia, Chile

The first stop in the list of most unique hotels of the world is Chile, South America. Travelers can admire this hotel emerge between the southern Andes mountain range. The name, which translates to “Magical Mountain”, perfectly describes this hotel built in the middle of Huilo-Huilo natural reserve in Chile.

Guests get to sleep in luxurious rooms inside a mountain when they book the Montaña Magica lodge. The mountain is covered by rocks, plants and a waterfall coming from the top. Therefore, this is a great destination for nature lovers as the reserve also offers guests multiple accommodations around the reserve where they can stay and explore the natural ecosystems surrounding this unique place.

Guests have reservation options such as bed and breakfast or the half broad option that includes more services and amenities.

2. Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Travelers looking to get a spectacular view of the northern lights should visit the Treehotel in Sweden. This hotel is located in Harads, Sweden in the middle of a forest. This location is perfectly situated away from the city, so travelers can appreciate the northern lights at it’s best.

The hotel offers several lodging options, including private cabins with modern and unique designs, many of them suspended four to six meters in the air. Guests can stay in a cabin with outside mirror walls that make it almost invisible in the middle of the forest or choose the cabin shaped like a UFO.

All room prices include a buffet breakfast and guests can explore around the tall pine forest and enjoy the spectacular view of the Lule river.

3. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Travelers who love safaris, most importantly giraffes, should consider staying at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya located on the African continent.

Guests can appreciate the manor’s unique architectural appeal which has a 1930s style and stay in one of its 12 elegant rooms. The hotel features a luxurious interior design, sunny terraces and courtyards. More importantly, giraffes from nearby sanctuaries may visit guests during the day or night while they are enjoying exclusive cuisine, by poking their heads through the window, making it an unforgettable unique experience for anyone who visits.

aTravelers can find room rates online which include many of the services inside the manor. Many come in safari packages and offer a flat rate for the whole year.  

4. Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Travelers looking for an accommodation on-the-go should consider this hostel in Tokyo. Considered as an “accommodation bookshop”, Book and Bed offers a unique experience for bibliophile travelers. Visitors can enjoy reading from more than 3,000 books of many different types. They can enjoy reading in this shared space hostel that features a unique interior design that appeals even to those who do not like to read.

Guests sleep on their personal beds inside cubbies that are stacked one on top of the other. This unique destination offers accommodation for lower prices that guests will find more affordable than traditional hotels.

5. Dromen aan Zee, Harlingen, Netherlands

The name of this destination translates into ‘Dreaming by the sea’. This unique hotel in Netherlands offers travelers accommodations by the ocean where they can enjoy the view. All rooms are inside remodeled structures such as a decommissioned lighthouse of the 1920s or the Havenkraan, a harbor crane that has an apartment suite suspended 56 feet above the air.

The inside of both structures have been remodeled into stylish private apartments and rooms for full comfort. Guests may also book a lifeboat that was turned into a modern room and can be taken for two-hour cruises into the North Sea.

6. The Caves Hotel, Negril, Jamaica

Travelers looking to enjoy a unique experience by the sea inside a cave should head to Jamaica and book a room at the Caves Hotel.  This resort sits on top of spectacular sea caves, with breathtaking coastal views and with unique and different designs.

Guests can book any of the 12 cottage-like rooms that offer a private and cozy stay, ideal for relaxation and romance. The hotel features amenities such as dining gazebos, private caves, a full spa and the hotel’s signature Blackwell Rum Bar.

7. The Liberty Hotel, Boston, U.S.

This luxurious hotel, located in Beacon Hill, offers and unforgettable experience for anyone who visits. The hotel used to be Charles Street Jail, which was home of many criminals and historic figures such as Malcolm X.

Guests can enjoy a wide variety of services as well as unique dinning and drinking experiences that still keep architectural features from the original structure. Some guests can also choose to stay in one of the 18 rooms that feature parts of the old jail.

Furthermore, the hotel has nearly 300 luxurious rooms for guests to stay in, and is located near popular shops, museums and the community boat dock ideal for tours and kayaking.

8. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania.

Guests at the Manta resort can enjoy spectacular view of the ocean on the island of Pemba in Tanzania. The hotel offers travelers multiple accommodation options from garden rooms to a superior villa. Guests can stay at this relaxing destination and enjoy the view of the Indian ocean.

The hotel’s best featured room floats in middle of the ocean, anchored to the ocean floor. Guests can snorkel and enjoy an underwater view of the ocean as the room has a floor that remains underwater. Travelers can book the underwater private island for an all year round flat rate per night that is all inclusive.

9. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Without a doubt one of the most unique destinations, this hotel is made 100 percent out of salt. Located in Bolivia, South America, this ‘salt palace’ offers visitors luxurious interiors with 42 rooms that include standard, suite and VIP options.

Travelers can enjoy the view of the vast white desert and experience the first hotel in the world made out of salt. Other accommodations include a 360 angle gazer of the biggest salt dessert in the world, exclusive salt-based dining experiences, a boutique, bars and a game room.

10. Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

The name of this last destination refers to an aesthetic sensation for the eye and the ear. Guests of the Propeller Island hotel will enjoy extravagant amenities different from any hotel in the world. This hotel is also described as a habitable work of art as it displays the audio-visual creations of German artist Lars Storschen.

The room’s decorations are unique and feature artwork such as a room completely covered with mirrors, illusions of flying beds, nude art, upside down ceilings and more. The hotel provides each guest with a manual on how to take care of the decorations and enjoy their stay to the fullest.