7 Things You Do Not Need to Pack When Traveling

Travelers around the world vary from one another. They can be from different origins, have different destinations and different packing styles. But one aspect that almost every travel has in common is that they carry luggage. Travelers pack the items they feel are necessary for them during their trip.

However, even the most experienced travelers may carry things from time to time that they should not have in their luggage. These items are often not needed during the trip, are inappropriate for the traveler’s destination or are simply better left at home.

Furthermore, travelers should keep their items destination specific. For instance, a nice coat for cold temperatures may be ideal to visit Canada in January. But taking the same coat on a trip in the Amazon river is a big mistake and only leaves the traveler with less space to pack items that truly matter.

For this reason, travelers should always keep in mind their destination, their needs and the purpose of the trip. However, here are eight things that are unnecessary for travelers to bring along a trip in most cases.

1. Expensive Jewelry

Some travelers like to take their jewelry on their trip including expensive watches, diamond necklaces and more. However, there is really no need to bring this sort of items during a trip. Depending on the destination, it might even be dangerous to take these items because of risk of theft. Unless it is for a special occasion, travelers should not bring their jewelry along for any reason.

Not only do they risk having it stolen, but it could easily get lost. For this reason, travelers who do need to bring their jewelry on their trip should only bring items in carry-on bags and not check it in with other, less valuable luggage. If travelers are arriving at a hotel, they should keep the jewelry inside the safe which is usually located inside the hotel or cruise ship room.

2. Tech Gadgets

Many travelers do not need all types of technology during their trip, so there is really no need for them to bring any of it with them. With advancements in technology, there is now a wider variety of tech items people use. These items include computers, tablets, phones, music players, digital watches and more. All of these items also tend of have a higher value than regular clothing or other personal items.

Therefore, unless it is a business trip, travelers should abstain from taking these items on their vacation to avoid possible theft or losses. However, it is always a good idea that they consider bringing the essentials such as a phone or GPS device.

3. Paper Guidebooks

Nowadays, travelers mostly use their phones to get information about their destination. Therefore, there is no need to bring heavy paper guidebooks that will be inconvenient and take up valuable space in their luggage.

4. Over-the-Counter Medication

Some countries prohibit travelers from bringing some over-the-counter or generic medication that is easily obtainable in the U.S. Travelers should visit online resources or even the destination’s consulate in the U.S. to inquire about items that are prohibited in that country.

5. Simple House Appliances

This type of item applies to almost every traveler, especially those who are going to stay at a hotel. These items include simple house appliances such as coffee makers, irons and blow-dryers. Travelers can easily find these items in their hotel room for them to use.

For other travelers that are on the go, these types of appliances are simply inconvenient to carry, and they will not be able to use them.

6. Excess Toiletries

Some travelers who are vacationing to more exotic places and are staying at places like hostels should carefully think about their need for toiletries. They should pack just the essential and basic hygiene items. However, some items such as soap or plastic razor blades could easily be acquired in many countries, so travelers should consider buying them abroad instead.

Moreover, travelers staying at hotels should limit even more the number of toiletries that they pack. Many hotels provide these types of items that are complimentary for their guests.

7. Towels

Unless they are going backpacking, travelers should abstain from packing bulky and heavy towels in their luggage. Just like toiletries, many hotels and resorts provide guests with fresh towels for them to use.

Travelers who choose not to bring towels will most likely travel light and have more room for more essential items that they will need to enjoy their dream vacation.