Cheap Hotels

Cheap hotels are abundant. Travelers can select from a number of affordable hotels when they are on the road. There are many reasons that travelers choose to stay in cheaper hotels rather than luxury ones.

First, cheaper hotels cost less money. They provide a place to sleep and relax without the high charges. There are numerous types of lodgings that fall into this category. A motel is one type of accommodation that offers low rates.

Chains such as Holiday Inn can be found through the United States and are popular among residents looking for a cheap place to stay. There are numerous other popular cheap hotel chains for travelers to choose from.

Moreover, travelers can purchase flight and hotel bundles to save more on their trip. Continue reading below to learn about cheap lodging options in order to determine if a cheap hotel is right for you.

What are cheap hotels?

Cheap hotels are a popular lodging option among many travelers. However, not everyone is aware of the differences between affordable hotels and their more expensive counterparts. Most commonly, hotel amenities are sparse in cheaper hotels. Inexpensive lodgings usually offer fewer amenities and services than higher priced lodging.

However, the low price of an affordable hotel does not signify that it is dirty or unkempt. In fact, cheap hotels are very clean and comfortable. The low price simply means that guests should not expect much more accommodation than a place to sleep.

Inexpensive hotels vary from one to 3 star hotels. These ratings are based on the range of amenities and services offered as well as the comfort, quality and style of the rooms, not on guests’ personal experiences.

A one star hotel usually cost less than $100 per night while three star lodgings can range from $100 to $200 per night depending on location.

One star hotels offer the most basic amenities. This includes one basic room option, possibly shared bathroom facilities and primarily self-service amenities. Motels are typically considered one-star accommodations.

A 2 star hotel offers slightly more than a one-star hotel. For instance, there may be an in-house bar or restaurant.

At a three star hotel, guests can expect multiple room options, quality service and additional amenities such as a gym, restaurant, complimentary breakfast and concierge services.

Difference Between Hotel and Motel

The difference between a hotel and motel is often confused. When in fact, there are several differences between the two. One distinction is the level of accommodation. While cheap hotels do not offer many accommodations compared to luxury hotels, motels usually offer even less.

Cheap motels often have at most two floors for lodging while hotels may have multiple. They have a limited number of rooms and few staff. In addition, motels usually do not have a lobby or common area for guests to lounge as many hotels do.

Unlike hotels, a motel is not conducive for multiple night stays. Certain hotels make it possible for guests to stay for weeks or months.

However, motels are usually only equipped to accommodate a one night to several nights stay. At a motel such as the Econo Lodge, guests can often find a parking spot outside of their room door. Moreover, some motels might offer simple breakfasts for guests while others do not.

Another difference between an affordable hotel and motel is the location. Motels tend to be located close to highways and other major roads. They are typically located along popular tourist routes.

This is because motels first came into existence when automobiles became the primary mode of transportation in the 1920s. With the expansion of the freeway system, more cheap motels began to populate roadsides so that traveling motorists would have somewhere convenient to stay over night no matter where they were.  

Saving Money with Flight and Hotel Bundles

By purchasing flight and hotel bundles, travelers may be able to save even more on their lodging expenses. While total savings depend on a variety of factors including the specific hotel reserved, airline and destination, residents can potentially save up to $100. Theses cheap trips are made possible when airlines and hotels partner to encourage more Americans to travel.

Cheap flights and hotels are available in affordable packages for several reasons. First, it is because plans and accommodations are set when travelers purchase them. Doing this ensures income for cheap hotels and airlines.

Thus, residents who are comfortable sticking to set travel plans can often save the most on their travel expenses. Furthermore, these travel packages usually put travelers into the leisure travel category, especially if they are staying at a one to 3 star hotel for several days. Being in this category helps residents save more money than if they were viewed as business travelers.

Purchasing an airline and hotel stay package is best when securing last minute hotel deals. This is because late flight purchases are often expensive and variable. However, a package allows travelers to spend less because the price of the flight is already established as part of the bundle.

Residents seeking to obtain an affordable hotel should be aware that not all flight and hotel bundles will help them save money. They are encouraged to calculate the cost of purchasing their flight and hotel separately and compare it to the package price.

In addition, travelers should check the package price with their airline if they find a package through a third-party travel site to make sure they are getting the best hotel deals.

Popular Cheap Hotel Chains

Many travelers choose to stay at certain popular cheap hotel chains when traveling. Many chain hotels such as Best Western can be found throughout the United States, making them more accessible to travelers. In addition, affordable lodgings such as Motel 6 or the Hilton’s Hampton Inn are often found along highways or near airports, so travelers can easily get to them.

These hotel chains include necessary amenities for guests and are often near each other. Thus, travelers usually have several options to choose from. For instance, residents on a road trip will likely find an Econo Lodge right next to a Holiday Inn.