Hotel Discounts for Families

Hotel discounts for families and couples have flooded the internet and media. National hotel companies have so much competition they are willing to offer family hotel discounts on rooms and services to customers to bring them in.

Hotel deals for family vacations can have bonuses added for enticing bookings in specific hotels. Here are valuable tricks and tips worth knowing for the search for the next family vacation.  

Frequent Favorite Hotels

Frequent travelers for business or pleasure that have continuity with always staying at favored hotels will be adding up rewards by scoring points to apply to cheaper hotel stays later.

Almost every national chain of hotels will have a frequent hotel membership to sign up for and use for every hotel stay to add points. Business travelers reap these rewards ongoing with their travel, but even casual pleasure trips can accrue points that never expire. Over years of hotel visits, it is likely that one day there will be a bank of free room stays available to a summer-only traveler as well.

Family Vacation Bundling

Family Vacations planners are always trying to find new ways to market to consumers. Bundling hotels, car rentals and tours with special deals were conceived with savings in mind.

There are a multitude of websites to build your own bundle for vacation savings. In addition, the consumer will be glad to know guaranteed savings are being built into many of the online hotel deals. Shopping around online is recommended for optimum savings.

Savings in the Details

Asking the detailed questions for amenities needed or wanted will be another opportunity to save.

Are kids free in the room? How many adults can stay in the room without an extra charge? Is a suite cheaper than two or three rooms for a large family? Are any meals included free? Does the hotel have a meals-included bundling plan? Do kids under a certain age eat free? Will there be a refrigerator, microwave and coffeepot in the room? Does the hotel have free transportation to local attractions? What will the extra charges to the room and taxes be?

Ask the questions and then ask if there is any type of special that you might qualify for. This works to get very detailed for hotel discounts.

Exclusive Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals are not only for merchandise. Hotels and vacation marketers have jumped in full force expanding into those opportunities as well. Special deals for hotel discount savings pop up on Black Friday and throughout the post-Thanksgiving weekend.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is where most of the deep discount hotel packages are found that weekend. Planning way ahead on travel days may save hundreds if not thousands on future vacations.

Date Flexibility

If travel timing for a hotel stay is flexible or travel is scheduled off-season, savings are to be found. Hotel savings can be found by starting a hotel stay when weekenders are checking out and ending the stay before the next rush. Traveling off-season at popular resort areas can save hundreds of dollars.


Coupon savings on hotel discounting are plentiful when you know how and where to look for them. Hotel discount coupons come in credit card statements, promotional materials, local newspapers and online in mass. Joining travel clubs online will allow you to receive coupons regularly via email. Simply searching for hotel discount coupons will bring up great sites to choose from. Going directly to specific hotel websites and signing up for email notifications will bring offers right to the inbox.

Discount coupon sites offer values of up to 50 percent when specially priced bookings are executed on their website. Finally, don’t forget the online purchasing rebate accounts that are free to join.

Credit Card Reward Programs

Hotel and credit card rewards programs are bursting with opportunities to build money saving points on hotel stays. Free nights and discounts for hotel reward card members with accrued points are awarded allowing for substantial lodging savings.

The right credit rewards card can add up point totals with every purchase throughout the year when used wisely for everyday purchases. Most have double point or triple point spending periods for extra earnings. On-boarding bonus point promotions just for acquiring a branded card are substantial. Add them up and reward points may even pay for an entire hotel vacation stay less taxes.

Employment Benefits

First responders like policemen, firemen, nurses and EMT’s have benefits for hotel discounts in almost every state. Government employees, teachers, military and veterans will want to review their benefits packages for added hotel discounts awarded to them when traveling.

Typical working folks should check with their HR department for travel discount benefits that may be available with corporate discounts. Dig for those hotel benefits that could be bonus savings.

Membership Discounts

Price club memberships, civic memberships, AAA, AARP and alike all have discounts to take advantage of when you are a member. With the buying power in mass memberships resulting in great savings.

Research special deals for hotels with your membership brochure, flyers or website and see what is available for you. AARP has a nationwide discount program with most national chain hotels for immediate discount upon check in. Check those handbooks and websites for hotel discounts.

Booking Tips

Being a sharp consumer knowing how to look for the deals for hotels will earn you savings. Comparing online pricing to other sites and by calling the actual hotel directly and asking for the reservations desk to inquire in person about a better deal works.

Booking online does not allow you to add all association affiliations and residency discounting that hotels offer to guests. Explore all booking options for better pricing.