How to Get Last Minute Hotel Deals

Many residents think that last minute hotel deals are difficult to obtain. However, hotel deals can be better when guests book right before their trips. In fact, by securing a last minute hotel booking, travelers can save as much as 75 percent on their stay. Moreover, booking a hotel room the day of a trip or vacation is possible because many hotels are only 60 percent full at any given time. Although this percent may vary during peak seasons and holidays, travelers are likely to find an affordable hotel room when they reserve last minute.  

Travelers can obtain an affordable last minute hotel room in a variety of ways. Apps and hotel booking sites make it simple to compare prices and book a room the day of a trip. Moreover, loyalty programs and affiliations with organizations can also help with last minute deals. Read below to discover the various ways that travelers can save by booking their hotel stays last minute. 

Apps for Booking Last Minute Hotels

Some of the best tools for booking last minute hotels are apps, as they are convenient and grant travelers the ability to reserve rooms at their fingertips. They enable residents to continuously check the rates of hotels to ensure that they are getting the best price on their rooms. Additionally, these apps are in affiliation with the hotels that they display. Thus, users are getting the most recent promotions and specials when they search for last minute hotel deals through these apps. 

In addition, reserving cheap last minute hotels is possible through these apps because some are made specifically for the purpose of last-minute travel. For instance, HotelTonight and HotelQuickly were designed to cater specifically to the needs of guests booking last minute. As a result, travelers are easily able to find hotel rooms that are available and affordable. 

Find Deals on Hotel Booking Sites

Hotel booking sites provide a plethora of up-to-date information on hotel room pricing and deals. The purpose of hotel websites is to supply residents with comprehensive information about hotels and deals. It can be difficult for travelers who are not familiar with the different specials, rewards or promotions occurring at every hotel, but they can visit any one of the many hotel sites to find the right deal. 

One advantage of utilizing a booking site when searching for last minute hotel deals is being able to compare multiple hotels and prices at once. This way, residents have a better chance of finding a good deal on a last minute hotel stay. 

In addition, different online booking sites enable travelers to view different lodging options such as hostels, bed and breakfasts or homestays. Completing a quick search through several bookings allows residents to find the lowest priced rooms at the last minute. Some of the most helpful sites include:

  • Expedia. 
  • Trivago.
  • Orbitz.
  • Travelocity.

Sign Up for Loyalty Programs for Hotel Deals

One of the easiest ways to save on last minute hotels is to enroll in a hotel groups’ loyalty program. These programs enable members to save on hotel rooms, acquire upgrades and use points towards a variety of rewards. 

Loyalty programs allow members looking for hotel deals to obtain discounted or free rooms at the last minute. Loyal members, especially those with more points, are often eligible for preferential treatment such as room upgrades and freebies. Moreover, loyal hotel members are likely to obtain a last minute hotel bargain while also getting a decent room.  

Thus, enrolling in a hotel group loyalty program can help travelers attain some of the best last minute hotel deals due to their preferential status. While other hotel guests may be able to acquire a room last minute, loyal members are more likely to stay in upgraded rooms or even stay for free, depending on the number of points they have. 

Use Your Existing Affiliations 

Booking cheap last minutes hotels is possible by taking advantage of the discounts and perks available through many of the organizations that residents are already members of. For instance, the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) are known for offering many travel-related discounts including last minute hotel deals. As a result, members of these organizations are able to obtain lower hotel room rates whenever they book last minute. 

Furthermore, hotel deals are available for residents who are in affiliated with professional organizations. These include:

  • The American Psychological Association (APA).
  • The American Bar Association (ABA). 
  • The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

However, last minute hotel bargains are usually only available at certain hotel groups that are in affiliation with the association. Fortunately, there are usually many locations for members to choose from, thus, booking last minute hotels can be cheap and possible for professional organization members.

Moreover, the best last minute hotels deals are also available to certain citizens. These populations include:

  • Active military members.
  • Government employees. 
  • Students.
  • Veterans.

However, last minute discounts are not available at all hotels. It is important for travelers booking their stays to inquire if the hotel offers a discount, as some of the best hotel brands do not offer cheap last-minute deals. 

Book at the Right Time

Creating a last minute hotel booking is not always advantageous. There are several times of the year that travelers will not benefit from attempting to book last minute. During these times, hotel room prices are likely to be at their highest. 

Reserving last minute hotels during a high season is likely to result in expensive rooms last minute. The high season is different for different locations. For instance, the summertime is usually high season in warmer climates but winter is high season in colder climates. At these times, there are often fewer hotel rooms available. Thus, competition is higher and hotels charge guests higher rates, especially if they book last minute. 

Additionally, attempting to reserve cheap last minute hotels during the holidays, weekends or at the same time that a large local event is occurring will result in a higher last minute hotel room rate. The reason for this is that hotels are often busier and fuller at these times. As a result, travelers who did not plan their stay at least 30 days in advance will not receive the best deals.