Luxury Hotels and Their Features

You can take your vacation to another level if you consider luxury hotels as your destination for your next vacation. All around the world there are numerous 5 star hotels you can choose from. Anywhere from New York city to more exotic destinations such the Soneva Jani in the Maldives, the possibilities are endless.

However, you should understand the difference between a luxury hotel and a standard one. Moreover, it is important to also understand the different amenities that are included in the price you pay.

You should also be informed of the amenities luxury hotels offer, and what you can expect to be included with your stay.  This type of hotels, also called boutique or tablet hotels, offer accommodations and luxury beyond regular hotels.

They are often times considered a destination unto themselves due to their amenities and standards of quality. You can gain more insight on what you can expect best hotels in the world to be like by reading the guide below and better plan your next luxurious getaway.

Room Services

Many 5 start hotels get that recognition due to an outstanding quality on many aspects. However, you should expect room services such as food and cleaning at luxury hotels to be one of the main factors that make them different from a regular hotel. Right from the start, you can expect to have the hotel staff to offer more attention than usual.

Throughout your stay you can also enjoy additional perks that show the value of what you are paying for. Many of the best hotels offer accommodations like:

  • Butler Services: big and small luxury hotels will most likely have a butler at your service. The amount of services or duties a butler performs depends greatly on the level of luxury of the hotel. Generally, you will be escorted to your room and have unpacking and packing services offered to you. Moreover, the butler will take care of your needs inside of the room and throughout your stay.  
  • All day food service: When you stay at a luxury hotel, one of its best features is being able to order food at any time of the day.  Some hotel chains such as the Four Seasons will offer airport-security-friendly food for you to take on your flight. Furthermore, any type of food offered to you is of a higher quality. The food delivered to your room should be just as fresh and well presented as the one served at the hotel restaurant. You can also expect for the chef to send complimentary pastries or appetizers along with your meal, including desserts or drinks.
  • Turndown services: You should not be surprised to come to a different room every time you leave to wander outside of it. Most hotels will make the room look different from day to night. Complimentary gifts may also be place along your bed or counter. This will include complimentary freshly baked cookies or beauty products such as eye masks and floral mists for your comfort.

Exclusive Design

The best hotels in the world are distinguished for having different and unique interior and exterior design. Once you arrive at a luxury hotel, its unique design will immediately set it apart from other hotels. Some hotels may not show their luxury as much from the outside, but from the lobby to your room, there is a sense of exclusivity and comfort because of the hotelshotel’s decorative features and interior design.  

Other hotels like the Fairmont Mayakoba located oin the beaches of Cancun, will display their features in a more explicit way from the outside. These hotels have a resort feel to them which you can appreciate more with its exterior accommodations. Exotic locations and simple open architecture to enjoy the view, will also give you a sense of luxury.

Small luxury hotels also have designs that are not only made for the guest’s comfort but also serve a great aesthetic purpose. You can find that some of these are part of the best hotels in the world as they offer guests with private rooms or cabins to enjoy amenities exclusively for them.

Therefore, you can see that the overall appeal of a luxury hotel embodies interior and exterior design as well as the architecture and functionality of their amenities. Luxurious destinations have these unique aspects as they thrive to set themselves apart from other hotels and give their guests memorable experiences that inspires them to come back.


Other 5 star hotels simply set themselves apart for their location. For instance, some the Four Seasons hotels are located in landmark places around the world. Some of their landmark hotels include their location in Budapest, Hungary, sitting at one end of the historic Chain Bridge. Another one of the Four Seasons best locations is at Istanbul in Turkey. The hotel is located at the city center where many of the country’s historic and religious landmark buildings are located.

These types of locations almost instantly provide a luxurious status to the hotel. Many of the hotels located in unique places offer exquisite views to their guests and shape their architecture around landmarks or natural features like the ocean or a lake. This aspect truly sets this type of hotels apart from standard ones.

Professional Staff

You should also expect the staff of any 5 star hotel to be different from staff members of other hotels. Besides the butler services, you will find luxury hotel’s staff to be very professional and helpful. They will provide you with the most convenience possible from  thefrom the time you check in until you check out. Concierge services are also there for you to obtain information about your destination, it’s surroundings and the best places to go to outside the hotel.

You should always be courteous with the hotel staff as they also expect certain level of etiquette from you during your stay. Being kind always pays off, and if you ask the right questions, you can discover extra perks that luxury hotels offer you and that are included with your stay. These perks range from champagne bottles to even room upgrades, so it is important that you show your best self while enjoying yourself at any of these luxurious destinations.