Ultimate Guide to Hotel Membership Programs

One of the best ways to get the most out of a hotel experience is by participating in the company’s loyalty program. Major hotel brands like Marriot, Best Western and Wyndham offer memberships for guests and travelers.

By participating in these programs, guests can earn points and redeem rewards. Travelers can obtain rewards like free night stays, room upgrades, gift cards and credit for hotel spas with their points.

However, members must satisfy certain criteria to redeem specific rewards. Qualifications depend on each company’s specific rules and point system. For instance, members of all tiers of Wyndham Rewards can earn a free night with 15,000 points.

However, Best Western Rewards enables members to reach the highest status level with only 50 nights at their hotels. Read on to learn about the different benefits offered by hotel companies to their loyalty program members.

Wyndham Rewards

The Wyndham hotel group has four tiers of rewards. Members can attain a higher status by spending more nights at Wyndham properties. However, there are certain rewards that even members at lower tiers can earn. This includes earning a free night at 15,000 points.

In addition, members at all tiers earn 10 points per every dollar spent. Furthermore, all participants can receive free Wi-Fi, rollover their earned nights to the following year and obtain discounts at local businesses.

To achieve the second tier of rewards, guests are only required to stay five nights at Wyndham hotels. In order to earn the highest rewards status, travelers must stay 40 nights at Wyndham properties in a calendar year.

Starting at the second tier of rewards, members can check out later, stay in preferred rooms and receive personalized assistance for hotel-related needs. At the highest rewards level, travelers can earn bonus points, gift their points to family members or friends, obtain suite upgrades and save at Caesars Entertainment properties.

Marriott Bonvoy

The Marriott Bonvoy rewards program is a merger between Marriott’s previously separate membership programs: Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest.

Under this new loyalty program, members can take advantage of their points at more hotels under the Marriott umbrella. They can redeem rewards at more than 6,700 properties in 130 countries.  

There are six tiers of rewards for members in addition to Lifetime status. The lowest tier is for members who stay zero to nine nights at Marriott hotels per year while the highest tier is for travelers who book 100 or more nights per year and spend at least $20,000 on qualifying purchases.

Members who qualify at lower tiers can earn rewards like internet access, special rates and mobile check-ins. However, those who attain a higher status can receive bonus points, room upgrades, late checkout and guaranteed room type.

Best Western Rewards

Travelers who sign up for Best Western Rewards can find a variety of offers and discounts. There are five tiers of rewards in addition to elite status matching. Members are eligible for certain benefits such as late checkout staring at zero points.

However, guests only need to stay 50 nights at Best Western hotels to achieve the highest status. Travelers may be able to upgrade their status with Best Western if they hold a higher status with another loyalty program. Thus, Best Western matches guests’ elite status.

Best Western also offers two other loyalty programs for travelers. One is directed at military members and government personnel. These members can acquire special rates and automatically receive a higher status upon registration.

In addition, owners of small and mid-sized businesses can obtain the highest level of benefits after approval while employees can benefit from second-tier rewards.

Radisson Rewards

While the Radisson Hotel Group owns fewer properties than the other hotel companies on this list, it still offers members numerous benefits. Travelers beginning the program at Club level and are eligible for discounts when booking, at participating restaurants, complimentary water and for points at participating businesses.

In addition, members only need to stay 60 nights at Radisson properties in order to achieve Platinum status, the highest rewards tier. At this level, guests can receive free breakfast, welcome gifts, room upgrades and room availability guarantee.

The Radisson group provides members with some unique ways to use and accumulate points. Not only can members earn points by staying at Radisson hotels, but also by shopping at participating stores, participating in Radisson’s wine club and booking events or meetings at the hotels.

Furthermore, members can redeem unique rewards such as a TSA pre-check, access to airport lounges, and even the option to donate points to causes that the Radisson group supports such the American Red Cross.