Which type of hotel is right for your trip?

When choosing a destination for your vacation, finding the right hotel is an important factor in your stay. The hotel that best suits you will depend on the activities you plan. For instance, if you want to relax and stay in one general location during your trip, an all-inclusive deal may be ideal.

If you plan to spend most of your time exploring, however, it may be better to book an extended stay that is not all-inclusive because you may not take advantage of all the amenities an inclusive package has to offer.

The right hotel can make or break an experience. This is especially true if you are vacationing with kids or are planning a romantic getaway, as you want to make sure a hotel will be appropriate for either group. In all cases, it is important to research different hotels and compare a variety of packages before selecting one.

Be sure to read through all the fees associated with the final price for the hotel and what amenities are covered before you purchase a package so that you do not incur unexpected fees during your vacation.

Extended-Stay Hotels

Extended Stay America is another online platform that allows you to search for hotels in different locations around the world. As with Tablet Hotels, you may search for listings based on destination preference, date preference and the total number of guests. This search engine is unique in that you may change the sorting tool.

In effect, listings may be presented to you in the order of best rate, promotions, corporate deals, government and military discounts, auto club offers and senior discounts. For promotions and corporate deals, you must enter a specific code.

Luxury Hotels

There are a variety of online search programs that only cover luxury hotels. Luxury hotels are typically sorted based on size, level of seclusion and location. In addition, most websites with extravagant listings allow you to sort your options based on desired amenities. This includes beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, 24-hour room service, butler service and more.

If you are looking for a high-end resort or vacation with all-expenses paid, it is wise to look at hotel descriptions and ratings on these websites. Luxury hotels and resorts that consistently receive high reviews are usually the best options. Furthermore, you may not need to pay an exorbitant amount of money in order to stay at a high-end hotel, as some websites offer last-minute and off-season deals.

All-Inclusive Hotels

All-inclusive hotels are resorts that offer meals, a hotel room and amenities all for a one-time fee. This allows customers to spend less time planning their trips while still having the best experiences. In addition, there is much less guess-work when determining the total cost of a trip. This gives customers the opportunity to plan and budget a vacation far in advance.

The amenities at all-inclusive hotels are extensive and differ depending on the company and the location of the hotel. Resorts in tropical areas, for example, usually permit access to a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as beach relaxation, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, shopping, horseback riding and more.

Resorts in colder climates typically have certain on-site amenities such as indoor gaming rooms for kids, fitness centers, indoor pools and hot tubs. Some ski resorts also cover the cost of skiing and ski gear in the all-inclusive fee.

Most resorts provide discounts or vouchers for on-site restaurants, free WiFi and luxurious hotel rooms. Some hotels, such as Sandals resorts, even cover the cost of tips and gratuities for staff members.